The Cellar

During the renovation works at the winery, ancient roman age water cisterns were discovered under the floor of a part of the cellar.
In 1993 for the first time and at the end of the eight years research and development period, the wines are released on the market by Castel de Paolis Three white wines: Frascati Doc Campovecchio, Frascati Doc Superiore ( now Frascati DOCG) and Donna
Adriana. Two red wines: Campovecchio Rosso and I Quattro Mori and three dessert wines: Muffa Nobile, Rosathea and Frascati Doc Cannellino.
In total eight high quality wines, covering all the different types of wine: white, red and dessert, ready to challenge the best quality wines of the entire Italian wine production.
In 2005 a deep renovation took place at Castel de Paolis with a big investment of roughly 2 million euro to built and enlarge the new winery for the vinification and aging, provided with an update and brand new refrigeration equipment for the temperature control of the fermentation.

The new warehouse to store the bottled wines and the two dining rooms one of which with an astonishing view on the entire city of Rome. Also a professional kitchen as been set in order to have an on demand restaurant and catering activity.
In the upper sector of the Estate there are several rural buildings with a swimming pool area, overlooking the estate vineyards with Rome on the background.
As of today Castel de Paolis can be considered not only one of the most high quality wine producer of central Italy but also an important wine tourism place, that with the proximity to the city of Rome will combine wine and tourism for the wine lover.